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Check out these comments from parents and kids about our anti-bullying program

The toolkit is invaluable

“Thank you for forwarding the anti-bullying materials. The white paper provided an excellent background on the subject, including clarifying the definition of “bullying” and differentiating it from teasing.

The Anti-Bullying Toolkit lays out a sensible, accessible curriculum for parents and their children. As suggested in the material, my six-year old daughter and I are working through the following:
1.  Memorizing and describing the public demeanor triad, “You are what you look like/sound like/respond.”
2.  Practicing a basic handshake and introduction/appropriate social exchange.
3.  Placing an order at a restaurant.
4.  Identifying potentially sensitive areas and developing an “emotion guard.”
5.  Practicing the 3-4 word blocks (acknowledge but give no weight – “Thanks for noticing;” apology; polite threat).

We are indebted to our instructors at the Fox Point studio and to the Lee family for their consistent and genuine care for their students/families and for the greater community.”

The very best wishes,

Carol I Ping Tsao, MD, JD

My son can handle every situation

“My son, Ian, has been practicing The Bully Expert strategies for a number of years now. It’s been very good for him.

I notice a difference in his overall demeanor. He’s more relaxed, confident and self-assured. He can handle himself in all situations.

I had a situation about a week ago when someone got very confrontational with me. I thought about Ian and the Verbal Judo and it made me take a step back, take a second and relax.

It made me handle things differently than I otherwise would have. We appreciate that this bullying program has been exposed to us.”

David Glazer

Dad, who’s also an attorney, uses verbal defense at work

“My children are using verbal defense school and I, as an attorney, am using it in the courtroom.

I know that out there in the real world, police, firemen and emergency responders are using this, too.

It helps you diffuse the other side and keeps things on a very civil level. I think we should continue to use this for the rest of our lives.”

Chris Sayrs

Skills last from childhood to professional careers

“My two children, ages 7 and 10, loved the bullying course. These are verbal defense skills that can be used all the way from childhood through their professional careers.

The thing about the course that my wife really liked was using a funny word to change, or use as a defense.”

Joe Dorf

This is an important social issue

“What an important social issue you’re helping to tackle! Mercifully, (my daughter) has never been bullied … teased, but not bullied. She’s got good self esteem, is confident and, for the most part, not passive.

I hope we never have to deal with this issue head on, but thanks for the language in case we ever do.”

Patty Harrigan Mills

Playground supervisor: “I like the series”

“I like this series. I am in my ninth year of playground supervisor at an elementary school and many of the skills being taught are things kids can use.

Kids sometimes don’t even realize they’re being bullied or the bullies don’t realize they are bullying. Sports dominance is such a huge factor. Teaching fairness, compassion and a sense of being humble is big.

One of my favorite lines in a movie is from ‘Princess Diaries’ and it says, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ I’ve always tried to teach my kids this. These videos seem to be on track with that concept.’”

Stacey Van Rens

College administrator weighs in

“This bully program is amazing. I went through the videos, Powerpoints and info sheets. WOW! Very well orchestrated, and what an impact. I love the terminology… my favorite — Bully Shield!”

Great work.”

Liz Paape
Associate Dean of Public Safety
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Parent of bullied boy

“My son Brendan has always been a very smart, inquisitive, funny and loving boy. These qualities have made him become a wonderful young man, but have also made him a target for bullies. His father and I had tried our best to help him deal with his getting bullied at school, but when it got physical during a bathroom break, we knew that we needed to find additional help. We were referred to JK Lee by a family friend and it has been the best decision that we could have made for Brendan and for our family.

The multiple one-on-one meetings with Master Chan Lee proved to be invaluable to Brendan. In these sessions he learned how to present himself and how to talk to other people, including the school bullies. He learned how to defend himself verbally as well as guard against another physical attack. The most important lesson that he walked away with was the knowledge that he could go to school every day and not be afraid.

The change in Brendan has been extremely positive, not only at school but also at home and in his other activities. Friends and family have given us positive comments on the changes that they have seen in Brendan in terms of his confidence and his attitude and he will surely continue to grow as he keeps progressing in his classes.

The unfortunate fact is that bullying is a huge problem that many kids have to deal with on an everyday basis. No child should have to go to school feeling afraid, depressed or angry because of a bully. For any parent who is facing the challenges of having a child who is being bullied, I would highly recommend this anti-bullying program. It has done wonders for Brendan and I am confident that it would help your child as well.”

Diane Walters